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Jewelry That Lets Your Inner Freak Shine!

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Unique, enchanting, luxurious, sultry, sensuous, elegant jewelry letting geeks, goths, and other “freaks” express their true selves while still looking professional

Are you a geek, a goth, a gamer? Are you into vampires, reenactment, fantasy, sci-fi? Or are there other aspects in your life that you are not “out” about to those around you? Do you ever wish you could find ways to integrate that side of yours into daily life without inviting strange looks or ridicule from the “normals” around you, particularly at work?

If you answered “yes” to some—or all—of the above questions, you probably find mainstream jewelry boring, uninspiring—impersonal, even. But jewelry can be so much more than just a fashion accessory: It can be a way to express your inner self, as subtly or boldly as you like.

I’m Christine “Chris” Berni, and my passion is designing unique, enchanting, luxurious, sultry, sensuous, elegant beaded jewelry for geeks, goths, and other “freaks” that lets them express their true selves while still looking professional. Whether you wear an item from my shop or a custom-made piece of jewelry, it will make you feel excited, confident, and great in your skin. Embrace your difference and let your inner freak shine!

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My Creative Journey

I grew up in a ski resort in Switzerland, where everyone seemed to be all about the outdoors and sports. Everyone but me, that is: I loved books, music, movies, learning, and creativity. In other words: Yes, I was that geeky Stephen King kid! :) This disconnect extended into my clothing and jewelry style, and sources for items that suited me were limited to non-existent. Thankfully my mother did—and still does—knit, crochet, sew, and cross-stitch, and used her hands to create countless clothes for me.

One year my sister, also a crafter, gave me a beaded necklace she had woven for my birthday. The tiny seed beads intrigued me (PICTURE). Later I inherited her beading loom and modest supplies, and soon I was hooked. One of my first pieces was a simple bracelet with the faces of Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, Han Solo, and Lando Calrissian on it, adapted into a beading pattern from a Star Wars comic. (Sorry, Chewie, my wrist was simply too small to fit you in!) Right from the start I liked to put my own spin on things – and that hasn’t changed yet!

Subscribe to my e-mail list to receive a 10% off coupon when my website launches!

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